Sunday, July 22, 2012

Phase One is done, in a wonderful finish!

Just finished up the first Volant Playtest phase. It was an awesome finish! The last three potential victims were going to be in the same place at the same time, in a ceremony making the General the new ruler of Straum. Pherin let off three potions, setting fire to the long drapes, letting out huge gouts of smoke and letting off a third which affected teh minds of everyone there. Sanjay took another potion turning him into a demon, popped back the altar, and dragged the screaming High  Priestessinto the hidden stairway, then closing it before garotting her. Arjuna, hidden in the ceiling of the rotunda, hit the General with a poison blowpipe ice dart, right in the neck, acusing him to go into convulsions. Nadila tripped the Adjutant as she turned to flee, and Kumar - pretending to help the Adjutant - broke her neck as she fell. Pherin, Nadila and Kumar ran out the door with the horrified crowds, Arjuna crawled out a window in the dome, and Sanjay and Geena left via the undergrounnd river. They flew away to the rendezvous on their giant owls as the city rioted and burned behind them.


Next week, phase two!


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