Monday, July 16, 2012

Volant Moves Into Phase 2 Alpha Playtest

Saturday, we set up for Phase 2 of the Alpha playtest. This phase we are testing the bird creation and aerial combat systems, and the ship creation and combat system. We created a two region nation - Torsina, with the regions Tortuga and Messina - with some fun quirks. Messina, for example, is an Amazonian culture where the women do the fighting and the men are scholars. The PC Association is the Order of the Glorious Sun, a religious order of knighthood based in Messina, so the PCs are preponderantly female. The religion was also created - Illuminism - with a dualist light and dark goddess. We created a large ship as well for the Order, and two flights of Birds - Ravens and Cranes. Then we created characters. This was the easiest thing, as you just slam together a few templates and you are mostly done. Equipping the character takes far longer than creating it, especially with a rich character!

I will not be posting any APs. I just wanted to inform those who were curious where we are in the process.


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