Monday, October 28, 2013

Galilleani Cultures in Lowell Was Right!

Galilleani typically have a free-wheeling lifestyle, with mature males maintaining a harem of between two and ten females each, rarely with the same individuals each breeding season. These are known as “breeders”, and are generally low-level workers. As they age, male breeding activity tapers off quickly, and the male Galilleani enter a long, fruitful period in which their imaginations and intellect increase in inverse proportion to their interest in breeding.

Female Galilleani, on the other hand, have longer breeding lives, though at a lower level than males, retaining their usual intelligence throughout their breeding period. They foster and maintain close relationships with the co-wives of their various mates long after these breeding harems have broken up.

The Oddfellows

This is the term for males of breeding age who do not for whatever reason attract mates. Some are defective in some way, others are disinterested, and still others prefer their own gender. They do retain their intelligence through the breeding years, and often attain high rank early, but without wives, cannot access the female Wives Network, and thus miss many opportunities.

The Wives Network

This is the relationship web of co-wives, which functions in the anarchic Galilleani system as bankers, investors, and government rolled into one. They bankroll projects by their ex-mates and former co-wives which interest them, after coming to a general consensus. There is not one Wives Network - nothing so fixed is possible with the Galilleani - but many such networks, though it is always spoken of as if it were singular.

The Elder Clubs

These are the associations of post-breeding males, who gather together for companionship in clubs when their breeding days are done. These clubs are a secondary source of infrastructure investment, but as these clubs are considerably smaller than the Wives Networks, their financial impact is lesser.

Human and Martian Enclaves

There are small enclaves of humans and Martians on all four Galillean moons. They have generally cordial relations with the Galilleani, but the Galilleani have no more concept of Martian-style Houses than they do of human governments.

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