Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lowell Was Right! Playtest #2 Progress

My Saturday face to face game continues to excel. I'm running a playtest for *Lowell was Right!*, set in in 2013, in Nazi Europe. It's espionage based, and totally set on earth, unlike the other playtests. In spite of being conducted entirely sitting around the TV, watching the Red Sox playoff game, it still rocked on toast.

Past of it may be the setting - there is no information age ubiquitous computing and communication, yet there is other advanced technology available from strange materials to space travel to PSI amplification to light trapping glass. Another part is the particular mix of nations we created for this campaign. Nazis are truly scary, they have friends and allies out there, the Gestapo knows everything about everyone, and the feeling is claustrophobic to the extreme.

One of the two man teams - the 'husband and wife' Italian arms manufacturers - found out from a PSI bugging device that the Gestapo knows they are spies, and is intending to trap them, so they intend to change covers and work from a different direction. The other team *may* be compromised, but they decided to brazen it out.

So far both the crash-landing on Mars and the espionage on Earth have been awesome fun! This is, of course, what I am hoping for - a game you can play in a hundred different ways depending on how you set it up.

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