Monday, April 4, 2016

New Armor Idea for StarCluster 4

Got a sweet idea for Armor in StarCluster 4! It takes from Klaxon's super's game Look! Up In The Sky! - The systems built into the armor are damage targets! So, you have a Penetration Value, which determines what can even damage this armor, and a Protective Value, basically a few damage boxes intrinsic to the armor - 1 to 8. Every sub-system the armor has is another damage box.

If a hit penetrates, you can assign it to a damage box, no matter how much damage it is, and check off the box. If you assign it to a Protective Value box, that's pretty much it. It's absorbed by the armor. If you assign it to a sub-system box, however, that sub-system goes out.

What really rocks here is the player chooses what box to check off, and assigning sub-system hits is making your armor less effective in interesting ways rather than just numbers.

Here's a couple of examples - a Flak Jacket with integrated Comms, and a suit of high tech scout armor.

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