Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Psionics in StarCluster 4

StarCluster has always had PSI, from the very beginning. In StarCluster 1E through 3E, it was actually required for Jump travel. For SC4 I am making PSI totally optional. I have eliminated PSI-oriented skills, so using PSI means using PSI + a regular skill. For example, use a PSI point plus the skill Communications, and voila! Telepathy! So if you don't want PSI in your universe, it's simple - don't use it. Everything is exactly the same. Ignore PSI points, and have a lovely time.

If you want PSI, though, there are some ground rules. The character can use PSI in as many ways as they have PSI points, and those ways are declared when making the character. So a character with a PSI of 4 might have Telepathy (PSI+Communications), Stun (PSI+Fist), Psychometry (PSI+Humanities), and Suggestion (PSI+Persuade). Note that skill use is limited to two ranks, unless the character specifically takes a Psionic Specialty - i.e. Communications+2 (Specialty Telepathy+4). Also, the character uses PSI points to power the ability, so it is a resource, renewable per session.

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