Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Boost Packs

In StarCluster 4 - All Out Of Time, you don't go to school. When you hit puberty, you get Boosted! In lieu of education, tweens choose a Boost Pack to push them in the direction they want to go. Want to be noticed? Choose the Cosmetic Pack, which gives you the skills Persuade, Politics, and Grace, you get a Charisma stat boost, and you get a Social Edge, which means you always have a benifit in social situations. Rather be out in the wild? Get the Vision Pack! The skills Discern and Hunt, Keener vision all around, A Charisma attribute bonus, and an Edge with Distance Vision. Want a job in IT? Get the Interface Pack! You get the skills Machines, Study, and Communication, An Intelligence bonus, and and Edge with Computers. Hey! Want to be an athlete? Get the Athletic Pack with skills of Athletics, Dash, and Grace, a plus to your Agility, and an edge in Jumping! the youth of the Wavefront Empire have no excuses!

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