Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Clubs and Lodges in StarCluster 4 - All Out Of Time

Characters in the AOOT universe are very culturally restrained compared to those from other StarCluster settings. The combination of Clan and Guild define most of an AOOT character's social interactions. Therefore Clubs and Lodges came about to broaden one's horizons, to meet new people and learn new things.

Each character belongs to at least one Club or Lodge. The character learns one of this initial Club/Lodge's two available skills for free. Characters may join other Clubs and Lodges, but joining costs Template points equal to the ordinal of that Club - i.e. one's second Club or Lodge costs 2 points to join, while one's third club costs 3 points to join. In any case, when a character joins a Club or Lodge, the character learns one of that Club/Lodge's two available skills. One can never join a Club or Lodge whose skills include one of the character's Guild skills, Primary. Secondary, or Tertiary.

Clubs are secular social organizations promoting certain hobbies and/or pastimes. One joins gaming clubs, or sports oriented clubs, or or model-building clubs, or crafting clubs. The list of Clubs is not exhaustive, and you may create a club around whatever interest you wish, using those listed as examples.

Lodges are semi-religious social organizations based around certain interpretations of scripture. All members have to subscribe to the core interpretations. Lodges frequently fission into competing Lodges based on slight differences in the interpretations.

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