Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Seeder Moons II

Continuing discussion from my previous post I imagine the four known Seeder Moons are tied up so tight in interstellar courts that no one can fart near them! There must be suits and counter suits - Do we intervene? Will it destroy the cultures? They should be Free! No, they are SAFE! - back and forth and roundabout. What if... What if the cases are made moot when one of the moons opens up communications? What if the cases are finally settled and it is decided to explore? What if someone finds another? Do they tell anyone? Or do they exploit it themselves? Maybe this happened a long time ago and it's been kept secret... What if scientists monitoring are these worlds somehow? Or what if are the courts are not allowing any such thing? What if one of the cultures breaches the outer skin and they all die. Are the people who tried to tie things up in court guilty of genocide? I love questions like these!

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