Thursday, March 11, 2010

University Degree Programs in StarCluster 3E

Here's an example - off the top of my head. This can be applied to any college. Electives would be a separate list of skills available from any school.

Engineering University:

Skill List: Analyze, Communications, Computers, Construction, Electronics, Logistics, Mathematics, Mechanics, Observe, Operate, Organize, Physics, Repair, Research

Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering (Example)
Mechanics+3, Methematics+ 2, Analyze+2, Electronics+ 1, Computers+1, Research+1, +3 Electives

Bachelors in Electrical Engineering (Example)
Electronics+ 3, Methematics+ 2, Computers+2, Mechanics+1, Analyze+1, Mathematics+ 1, +3 Electives

Bachelors in Civic Engineering (Example)
Contruction+ 3, Mechanics+2, Computers+2, Electronics+ 1, Logistics+1, Mathematics+ 1, +3 Electives

Bachelors in Specialty Engineering
1 X Skill+3, 2 X Skill+2, 3 X Skill+1, +3 Electives

Masters in Specialty Engineering (2 Years)
2 X Skill+2, +2 Elective

PhD in Specialty Engineering (3 Years)
2 X Skill+3, +3 Electives

So, Bachelors+Masters = 6 years, Bachelors+PhD = 7 years

So, the game book would have the Skill List under the school, as it is currently structured, but the GM and Player would structure their own degree program using the formulas above.

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