Sunday, March 7, 2010

Outremer Quasi-Paths and Player Options


Quasi-Paths are a new concept in Outremer. The players noted that they would like a lower-powered alternative to the standard Paths of Power. They said that the Quirk rules were cool, but they had no control over their powers. Then one of them said something about "Quasi-paths" and it was off to the races.

Quasi-Paths have only 1 magical power. They are less powerful than Paths, but have more control than Quirks. Having only one power, those taking the Quasi-Paths are free to concentrate on other things in addition to building up their powers.

Snake Charmers - Open only to Muslims. Snake Charmers can enchant snakes to do their bidding, and can communicate with them.

Puppeteer - open to all, but dominated by Christians. Puppeteers can physically control other people.

Fortune Teller - open to all, Fortune tellers can foretell the future.

Healer - Open to all. in addition to normal healing, Healers may use the Laying on of hands to heal and cure.

Mystic - Open to all. Mystics may see and speak with Ghosts, Spirits, and Djinn.

Old Paths

I am bringing back the Esotericist, Magus and Minstrel from OHMAS. The Esotericist and Magus were originally from Blood Games II as well.

Player Options

There will be a new Player Option - the Half-Djinn. Half-Djinn are the offspring of Djinn and Humans, and may choose one of the Djinn powers - Flight, ShapeChange, Control of Fire, or Control of Winds - to use themselves. Half-Djinn can be Muslim, Jewish, or Christian, and may not take a Path.

I am also bringing back the Half-Angel and Immortal from Blood Games II.


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