Sunday, March 7, 2010

Outremer Paths

I layed out some ideas for Paths of Power in Outremer. Klaxon and I had talked it over, and some were his suggestions, and some were a mish-mash of both. As we presented them to the rest of the group, we got a lot of useful comments. We ended up changing some, amalgamating others, and pushing a couple into a new category, created ad-hoc there at the table. Here's what we cane up with:

Kabbalist - Open to Jews and Christians. kabbalists use wards and seals, and are very well educated. They have access to Hebrew Astrology, and may create Golems. Thye are similar to Savants in OHMAS.

Sorcerer - Open to all, though dominated by Muslims. Sorcerers summon, bind, and command Djinn. These are analogous to the Warlocks in OHMAS.

Alchemist - Open to all. Alchemists can summon and bind Djinn animals - related to Djinn as regular animals relate to humans - into mechanical constructs, distill magical potions and powders, and create poisons and drugs.

Crusader/Jihadist - Open to Christians as the Crusader, and to Muslims as the Jihadist. The Crusader/Jihadist is much like the Templar, with similar physical enhancements, and the miracles of Healing, Inspiration, Purify, Shield, and Locate.

Relic Hunter - Open only to Christians. Relic Hunters find and use relics - the fingerbones of saints, books and papers used by holy men and women, blessed weapons, et cetera. Their belief in these relics create a "placebo effect" magic.

Oracle - Open to all. oracles can use Astrology, Sight, and Hunter-type LUCK. Their luck rating is reciprocal to their MAG rating, so the stronger tehy are in one, the weaker they are in the other.

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