Sunday, November 24, 2013

High Strung and Ecce Homicide

Usually, when I am writing one game, I am also writing another as well, so that when one game is released, there is another partially written game taking its place immediately. For the first time in a decade, I had no secondary game going while writing Lowell Was Right!. Now that it is in Beta Playtest, I find myself at a loss.

So, I took some suggestions from folks on G+, then went my own way. Lord forbid I should write a game someone actually WANTS! I came up with two games, which I am starting simultaneously. One or the other will at some point start clicking and pull ahead, but at this point it could be either.

One game is called High Strung - thanks for the name Ray Otus! - which is about being a rock musician in the mid-to-late 70s trying to make it big with original music. Why the seventies? Well, I lived this game, and know it very very well. Besides, it was a time of change and ferment in music, and lots of new things were being tried out. If I can make an RPG about baseball, I can do this!

The other is called Ecce Homicide. Yes, it's a police procedural game. People are always telling me that this is very difficult to do, but I have run procedurals in a dozen different games over the years, and they are fun and easy to do. Every time I see someone write about how they tried to do this, I think they are doing it backwards.I will design this game the way I do it. :D



  1. They sound awesome. Not sure about the name of the Homicide game, but otherwise cool.

  2. "Ecce Homicide" just means "Behold the man-killing", Tim. It's a sideways pun on "Ecce Homo", "Behold the man". :D

    Glad you like the concepts!