Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Saturday's Playtest #2 finale for Lowell Was Right!

The wrap-up for playtest #2 went off interestingly! In this playtest, we had decided on an earth-limited espionage game, and created an earth circa 2013, where the Nazis had taken continental Europe, and were opposed by the League of Nations, a union consisting of the eastern US and Canada, and the UK. The two were at actual war, and the Nazis were supported by their allies in Mormon Zion, which held the American West. BTW, the current Fuehrer was Arnold Schwarzenegger...

The PCs were agents of the League, on a mission to snatch plans for a new weapon from the industrialist Rudolf Hochstetter. After sneaking, sabotage, and changes of identity in previous sessions, the climax came at a party Hochstetter gave at his castle.

One pair of PCs were invited in, disguised as a reporter and photographer from the Mountain Press, a Mormon Zionist paper in Provo. Another got in disguised as a waiter. It turned out that the man he was replacing - and killed - was unfortunately gay - not a good thing in Nazi Europe - and was intending to poison the entire group invited to the party. The fourth PC was a cat burglar who lurked outside as the backup plan.

As the the "waiter" served poisoned flutes of champagne, the "reporter" and "photographer" snuck upstairs. The Gestapo man who had almost caught the "waiter" and the cat burglar drank his, but went to the toilet to throw up too early, and the cat burglar slipperd in the bathroom window and drowned him in the toilet.

Using dowsing, the "reporter" located the attache case with the plans in the wall safe of the main bedroom. The "photographer " cracked the safe using past sight, watching Hochstetter dial the combination the day before. The guests began dying, and Hochstetter, who wasn't drinking, went looking for the two "Mormons" who had disappeared. He walked in and saw the "photographer" opening the  briefcase, but didn't see the "reporter" who threw him down with a judo move and crushed his larynx.

The "waiter" escaped out the side door in the confusion. He was stopped by a guard, but shot him with a single shot pen-gun in the temple. Taking the gun and overcoat from the SS Trooper, he followed another trooper who was chasing after the "Mormons, who had escaped from the bedroom balcony. As the trooper raised his rifle to shoot them, the "waiter" shot the trooper in the back of the head.

The two "Mormons" had run to a cliff and were trapped. the "Waiter' came up and identified himself. The "Photographer" grabbed the other three and stepped off the cliff. He was wearing an anti-mass belt held down by weights. He dropped the weights, and by rappelling down the cliff, was able to break his fall enough to get away, the cat burglar joining them later.

The combination of training, psi, and strange LWR! devices like the anti-mass belt gave the whole caper a real Bond-ish flair. Lots of paranoia, betrayal, and skulking made this one of our favorite campaigns yet!

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