Friday, November 8, 2013

The Saturn System and the Neptune System in Lowell Was Right!


Saturn is warm, but its rate of collapse is nowhere near Jupiter’s, and the warmth is not even close to enough for supporting life on Titan any more. It is possible that Titan’s people have migrated in to Saturn’s clouds, and are living in anti-mass supported cities in those clouds - that is up to the play-group/GM to decide. It would be extremely hard to detect them if you were not looking specifically for them, and virtually impossible to escape Saturn’s gravity well if you went in to see them.


Titan is an iceball, about the size of Luna and the Galilean moons of Jupiter. There is no life on the surface - everything is frozen. The atmosphere would still be breathable. The old Titan cities are way down under the ice, some of them smeared by glaciers, and some crushed by the weight of the ice above them.

A possibility exists that there may be a Titan city down under the ice, protected by a shell and warmed by geothermal heat produced by tidal forces. If so, the Titans living inside may be degenerate and devolved. According to the Galileani, who knew them when their culture was fading, the Titans were evolved from a kind of land octopus.
The Neptune System


Neptune is cold, with no residual warmth at all left from gravitational collapse. Heat differentials do not pump energy through the atmosphere. Compared to stormy Jupiter and Saturn, Neptune is placid.


Triton was once habitable, like Titan, but the time it was habitable is so long in the past that only the Titans may have met them, and they did not tell the Galileani about them. Titan’s cities are crushed and smeared under mountains of ice, and there is no possibility anything still exists of that culture.

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