Thursday, August 20, 2015

Stress in Merchanters and Stationers

Working on Stress in Merchanters and Stationers. Originally, I had lists of stress-inducing and stress-relieving events, and if one of those things happened, you rolled for how much stress it would cause or remove. I've refined that during play. Each payer now can remove one item - except Jump! - off the stress inducing list along with one from the stress relieving list for their character. For example, carrying a weapon is a stress-inducing event, but for professional soldiers and security, they could remove that. OTOH, they would be somewhat jaded with stress-relieving events as well, so perhaps a drink no longer does much for them any more. I do not insist the characters must tie their stress changes to their professions, but I think it's a good idea.

Also, you cannot relieve stress while in jump! Several alien species can move and operate in jump, and some selected humans as well, so initially I was allowing stress relief in Jump, but in thinking back to the books, jump itself - being in jump - is a stress-inducing event by it's nature. That means stress cannot be relieved during jump, no matter how your species deals with jump.

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