Saturday, June 11, 2011

Roludothon Prep - Part Deux

We went to the Grand Prix practices yesterday, and watched the Formula One and Classic Formula One racers run. The new Formula One cars sound like enormous angry hornets. The classic ones have the deeper snarl I remember from my mis-spent youth watching Wide World of Sports. It was great fun, and El wants to come again next year, so hopefully the Roludothon will synchronize with F1 again!

We spent the evening making backstories for the characters. The SC 3 characters were easy - they were all bred and educated for the jobs they hold. They are Uplifts and Boroids from the Diasporan Community, and have no say in the matter. The DC has no over-arching laws about the treatment of non-human sapients, so it varies from world to world.

The Outremer characters were another story altogether. They needed some reason to join the association, and some reason to take the Path of Power they took. This one's husband died in a war. That one was the victim of intolerance.

Do I think the players will even glance at the back-stories? Probably not. Still, they are there if they are needed. Normally, these short, half-page stories are created by the players, not the GM, as the characters are created. The Players are supposed to create their own association, and decide where it will be established. They *own* the characters, rather than use them. I can't do this in a con game, and an essential part of the experience will be missing.

Until next time, au revoir!


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