Monday, June 13, 2011

Seeking Suki and Perchance to Dream - Roludothon Finale

In the Morning, we played a game called Sparks, a story-ish game set in the far future. The Scenario was called Seeking Suki, set on a Japanese settled world with created peasants and ruling humans. It was very interesting, and engaged the GM side of my brain well. The mechanics were step die rolls, with various things allowing you to increase your die size - including assists from other player characters and involving core beliefs. This was El's first exposure to such concepts as PC scene framing, and she was entertained, though she thought it a bit strange.

In the afternoon session, I ran Outremer to a packed house. I had limited the players to 6, and seven showed up. Luckily, I always create an extra character just in case. The scenario started off with a dream, and then the PCs got together and discussed things. They traveled to Damascus and found that circumstances matching their dreams in some way had transpired - the youngest daughter of the Emir had disappeared the night of their dream, and everyone was frantically looking for her.

What was amazing was the speed and thoroughness with which the Players engaged with their characters, bringing bits of information in from their back-stories, like the Jewish Mechanist who lived with his mother. She was constantly after him to get married, which he took with patience and amusement. The game went beautifully, the scenario was paced perfectly, and things wound up in a very satisfactory manner. I think Outremer is much more suited to the con game than SC3 in many ways. It's close enough to the standard fantasy that it can be engaged with on that level, and different enough that the players were interested in the setting as well.

Had a wonderful time in Montreal in spite of the torrential downpours, and the Roludothon members were fantastic - welcoming and hospitable, and superb roleplayers!


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