Monday, June 20, 2011

More stuff for Look! Up In the Sky!

Worked a bit on Look! Up In the Sky! last night. All I am doing with the game is edit and layout. Klax is the writer and designer. Klax had sent me two files just before I left for Montreal, and I hadn't had time to do anyting with them. They were Vehicle Design and Weapons Design. For vehicles, design works like the old SC 2 vehicle design system - vehicles are designed from the ground up, rather than modified from existing vehicles as is SC 3, IHWSC, and Cold Space. The big difference is that costs are given in both Lifestyle for personal purchase, and in Association Resource Points for group purchase. It works well, and I like the dual costing. I will probably use it in the future!

The Weapon Design system is like SC2 and SC3's system - a group of standard weapons are given, and you can modify by steps them on several axes, so long as the changes equal zero. For example, you can raise the steps to make a weapon do more Damage, and add a firing Mode - say Full Automatic fire - but you have to work it down the same number of steps by decreasing Concealability and increasing Cost. Costs are personal, in Lyfestyle only. The group does not purchase weapons for individuals.

So far, it's really looking good!


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