Monday, April 23, 2012

The End of the LUITS! Playtest!

Our LUITS! playtest ended. The last scene was awesome. Sarge, Blue Demon, Enchantrix, Hazard, and Bamf tracked down a nuke inside the diesel tank of a generator at the Harvard Club. The detonator was a radio device on a timer. It could send 3 different signals - signal 1 was a constant chirp every second. If that signal stopped, and it was set to stop at midnight, the bomb would blow; signal 2 was emitted if someone tampered with the detonator's case, causing the bomb to blow; and signal 3 was emitted on command, causing the bomb to blow.

It was rigged to go at midnight, the time when the Bilderburg's meeting commenced in the Harvard Club. They had an hour to go, so they lifted it out to Outer Brewster Island in Boston Harbor, and Sarge had to defuse it. He told everyone else to go away, but they wouldn't leave him. This wasn't a matter of cutting wires - the trigger mechanism was fiendish. Sarge finally used his Preparation power - think Batman's "I figured you might do that, and came prepared" - and pulled out a device which could emit the same frequency blip as the exploder, and synced it up. Midnight came, and passed. Now they had time bring in some experts to really defuse it!

End came when Sarge used his preparation power one last time, and pulled a six pack from a cooler hidden under a rock. "I figured I might have to come here in an emergency, so I prepared for it." They sat on the rocky beach and listened to the surf crash and hiss in the early early morning. End!


ADDED: What was really cool for me was two things - One, we didn't go over the edge into Action Comedy, no matter how tempting it was for us. A lot of funny shit went down, but it remained a drama with some very amusing comedy - like Castle, or Northern Exposure. Two - these supers were *cops*! Not vigilantes, not a black ops team, not military or para-military or Mercs. Cops. When they forgot to read one guy his Miranda rights, they had to let him go. When a prisoner wanted a lawyer, they got one. When they couldn't find a charge that would stick after 24 hours, the guy was let go. There was no torturing, no beatings, no mindfucking. It *STILL WORKED GREAT AS A SUPERS GAME*!

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