Sunday, April 1, 2012

LUITS! and Coyote Trail Gaming

In my Monday Coyote Trail campaign, two weeks ago, the deputy got blasted with a shotgun trying to stop a night wagon coming from the Chinese teahouse. Doc saw one of the bags they were loading move, and the two went to intercept. Last week, the Deputy Jackson recovered while Doc, Gambler English Ed, and Cowgirl Portman went out to investigate a vulture's feast in the desert north of town. Turned out to be the bodies of two Chinese men. They had been flayed, the meat flensed and separated from the bones, then carved into thin sliced, and the viscera removed from the meat. Each was stacked neatly in separate piles, though the vultures had made a mess of it. They noted that a buckboard had come out drawn by two horses. Two men had descended from the buckboard, another had come in by horseback. The one who had come in by horseback left on the buckboard, trailing the horse. The two men had knelt in the dust, and were butchered where they knelt.

This week, they decide they had had enough of this, Portman climbed to the roof, dropping bundles of burning brush down the two chimneys, and covering them with wet blankets. Doc covered the people running out of the door with a rifle, making them lie on the street and put their hands behind their heads. Jackson covered Portman and Doc from the roof of the Dry Goods store, also with a rifle.

The giant Chinese man who had dealt with them several times before came out on the roof as Portman was dropping down the line to the lower roof of the Western Union office. He grabbed the line, and with his immense strength began hauling Portman up like a fish on a drop line. Portman leaped off the line and landed well on the lower roof, then shot the giant in the shoulder with her pistol. This enraged the giant, and he lifted a big stone fallen from the chimney over his head to crush Portman. Jackson shot him in the back, and he fell off the roof, directly at Portman, the stone still in his hands. Meanwhile a rifle poked out of a third floor window of the teahouse, and a man doc had walked past, trying to see how Portman was doing, jumped to his feet behind Doc and held a huge, wide bladed knife to his throat. Doc dropped the rifle.

Cliffhanger ending. Next week English Ed will be back from wherever he had gone, and we'll see how it all turns out this Monday.

In my Saturday LUITS! game, last week the main group met up with a local metahuman gang. They were in Harper's Ferry, a pub in Allston, when they heard a big explosion and rushed out without a plan. The two teleporters, Blue Demon and Bamf, got there first. They saw a bank blown up, dozens dead or wounded, and the streak of a speedster dashing around in the exposed vault. They tried to stop the Speedster, but Bamf was pummeled into unconsciousness, and Blue Demon was knocked way back. This was the most dangerous type of speedster - the kind that also had super strength and was highly trained in martial arts. Enchantrix was just then flying in on her broom, and Negated his speed. He then ran towards a point where he vanished. On checking his tracks, as the others arrived, they found he had met with an accomplice who was evidently an invisible teleporter.

They traced the two shoe prints - being cops - the woman teleporter was wearing designer soles bought from a single shop. The speedster was wearing custom soles. They were able to trace them to the buyer, a man by the name of Michael Moriarty, who lived in Cleveland Circle. The woman was a bit more difficult, as those model boots had been sold to seven women, and one man - veidently for his SO, as they wouldn't have fitted him. They left that for later and began planning their visit to Mr. Moriarty.

This week, Blue Demon was the teacher for the trainees. She teased them unmercifully, in her succubus way. She also told them they were going to do something important, not just wander around and hope for a fire, and that they were going to show up the full member team. They decided to go after the woman. They found that in addition to the eight sales, one pair of these designer boots had been stolen. They watched video of the date, and saw a woman take the shoes behind a stack of shelves and vanish. They did a facial recognition run on her, and got a name and address from the DMV - Hera Harvey, living in an apartment on Commonwealth Avenue in Brighton. Blue Demon sent Doctor Danger, Man-Spider, and Nike to her door in plain clothes, while Grease covered the courtyard and she and Volt covered the roof.

At Doctor Danger's knock, she looked through the spyhole and asked who he was. he answered "Richie Long". She asked "Do I know you from the University?" and he nodded "Yup!" It helps sometimes to have a fresh, innocent face! She opened the door and stared at the three people. She said "Who are you?" and Nike answered. "Deputy US Marshals, Ma'am". They got initiative. Doctor Danger hit her with a Disrupt, which randomly mixed her volitional powers. Man-Spider Negated her Invisibility, and Nike leaped on her, bearing her to the floor, and pummeling her with her super-speed, but light, punches. She, of course attempted to teleport out, but the dice said she actually activated her invisibility, which was already Negated.

When they heard over the radio what was happening from Doctor Danger, Blue Demon teleported into the courtyard with Volt in her arms, and Grease slipped in with his super speed, nailing her three times where Nike wasn't covering her. Again she tried to teleport, panicking now, but she rolled the exact same number and again activated her defunct Invisibility power. Doctor Danger, vulnerable as always to women, was too flustered by the sight of two women - Nike on top of Hera - writhing on the floor, and did nothing but stutter. He gained aHero Point for playing his Vulnerability against himself. Man-Spider jumped on top of Nike, and extruding his extra four arms, reached around her and slammed punches into Hera. Hera went unconscious, and they took her back to the HQ, along with her computer and anything else they could find in the search.

True to Blue Demon's word, they had executed a textbook operation, gotten a valuable prisoner, and opened a wedge into the terrorist/criminal alliance they were investigating. This was a lot of fun because of the interplay between the trainees and Blue Demon, the procedural way they found Hera, and the way they set the arrest up. Teleporters are extremely hard to capture, and they did it perfectly.

Next week, the big guys, stung by the success of the trainees - and exploiting it - go after Moriarty.


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