Monday, April 30, 2012

Problems in Chargen

I looked over the characters last night and Kamar looks decidedly weaker than the others. I looked the character sheet over with my son Klaxon, to find out whether this was due to deliberate choice on the part of the player or to problems in understanding the process, and we discovered the player had made some mistakes in generation.

To explain, character generation is done by selecting a background template, an apprentice template, and by purchasing a number of professional templates with varying costs and varying pre-requisites, then adding up the changes from each template.

It appears that Kamar's player had purchased an advanced and expensive template he was not qualified for, and in doing so, had used up far too much of his allotment of build points. I will be going over the templates in question to see if the problems were due to poor wording in the instructions, or to an honest mistake or misreading. Generally, I assume poor wording unless convinced otherwise.

I'll be contacting the player to let him know what we found, and letting him make any necessary changes.

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