Sunday, April 29, 2012

Volant is in Alpha Playtest!

Saturday, we began the playtest of Volant - Kingdoms of Air and Stone.We had a "Session Zero", where we created our home Region, the PC's Association, and the characters.

The Home Region - Daktari

Yes, Daktari - Swahili for Doctor. Why? I don't know, the players liked it. Daktari was randomly rolled to be a single region nation, large, and fertile. It has animal resources of Horses and Llamas, vegetable resources of Nuts, Grain, and Spices, and mineral resources of Quartzite, a kind of shipstone. Daktari has a Large city, Gupta, witch is famous for a spiced liquor called Betaljuce. A medium city called Deepta also graces the region, which is famous for llama wool rugs. A small city, called Mohatma, is renowned for its famous Curry Dark beer.

Conditions are Spicy, Hot, Humid, and Rolling.

Cultural Traits are Diplomatic 3, Boisterous 2, and Volatile 2.

Castes are a bit rigid,with a mixed base, and hard to understand.

The government's form is a Chieftainship, but its substance is Democratic.

It has some interesting oddities - children typically work, homosexuality and bisexuality are both common and unremarked, drinking alcohol is an important leisure activity, body modification - typically piercing and tattooing - is fashionable, and children with deformities are ruthlessly culled at birth.

The Association is a league of assassins, called the Hands of Kali. It is headquartered in an abandoned temple outside of Gupta. The highlights  - a great deal was spent on Espionage, agents, spy rings, double agents, safe houses, and local sympathizers; they sprang for a flight of six giant owls and a flight of six giant ravens; a squadron of six light warships; two other ships and some horses; a master alchemist and master armorer; superb armory; and a library with historical treatises and alchemical recipes.

The four characters created - more may come as other gamers drop in - are:

Arjuna Randheer - a very rich aristocrat who is a bow sniper - a master athlete and bowman who is expert at riding both horses and birds, sneaking, and hunting.

Kamar Buddhan - son of a skilled laborer who is a thug - an expert at sneaking, and good at fighting.

Sanjay Mataharan - a street rat who is a shadow - master of sneaking and hiding, and good at athletics, slight of hand, and punching people.

Nadila Rajmurti - wealthy merchant's daughter and avian knight - master of riding and the bow, and expert with the sword and athletics.

Next week, on to play! :D

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